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Bacn is a new problem now plaguing our email inboxes. Putting it simply, Bacn is email you receive that isn’t spam… And isn’t personal mail. It’s the middle class of email. It’s notifications of a new post to your Facebook wall or a new follower on Twitter. It’s the Google alert for your name and the newsletter from your favorite company.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who have realized the problem of bacn, and are out to find a solution. You can now join the discussion in our forum and help us further define bacn as we begin our efforts to manage our bacn. Bacn was first used during an impromptu discussion about email and spam during Podcamp Pittsburgh.

21 Responses to “Welcome to the Official Bacn Home Page”

  1. Marti Says:

    I love it! I started a “bacn” folder in gmail for all the “so and so has added you as a friend”. I like to keep the mail, and now I have a place to find all of them easily! Great idea - best wishes to you!

  2. Randell Says:

    much better guys!

  3. Jon Wise Says:

    Do you know about mail filters for sorting your mail based on rules. Most modern mail clients support it, and some let you do really funky things like coloring your mail based on keywords.
    In short, making an automatically populated “notifications” (or bacn, if you must) folder, with some simple visual rules to allow you to quickly parse the information at a glance, isn’t that difficult, and pretty much eliminates this non-problem.

    Now that that’s solved, lets turn our attention back to killing SPAM — the most recent stuff actually looks like a notification of some kind, and is very annoying.

  4. Matt Singley Says:

    BACN! So is this an acronym? If so…what does it mean?

    Interesting thoughts, guys. As I look through my email I see a lot of bacn competing with the spam. Yep…it can be a problem. It’s a self-inflicted problem though, yes? Can’t we simply opt out of notifications? I’ll subscribe and follow your thoughts, thanks for brining up bacn awareness. ;)

  5. Mosley Says:

    Say not to Bacn and say YES to Scapple.


    I want Bacon all the time, scapple is something I want, just not all the time.

  6. TedP Says:

    I know exactly what “bacn” is - I get, literally, hundreds each day. But the solution is pretty simple. I programmed my Outlook Express to immediately shift those emails to a designated folder other than my inbox. Periodically, when I feel like sorting through them, I go review those emails to see if there is anything of note. I like your nickname, but I don’t see bacn as a problem that needs a more complicated solution.

  7. Facn Says:

    Seriously. This is a big joke right?

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  10. Trevor Hill Says:

    This term does a serious disservice to my favorite food. It should be named after something less delicious and desirable…

  11. nathan Says:

    So far I haven’t seen any explanation for the spelling of “bacn”. Can you help?

  12. Jesse Says:

    Well Bacn is kind of a spoof on web 2.0 naming conventions. You know like flickr, etc.

  13. chad Says:

    how about creating a new standard for these messages that “self expire” and delete after they have gone unread after x days.

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  15. Dave Says:

    I agree with those who say bacon is delicious. Bologna is a more fitting term for this type of not-quite-unsolicited-auto-generated email.

    I guess the vowel-haters could call it ‘blgna.’

  16. Matt Says:


    I’m with you about bacn/bacon not being the best terminology for this. We’re suggesting bologna as an alternative…. We just felt that bologna was the type of meat between ham and spam, and bacon really doesn’t fit that place well.


    Other peoples’ thoughts?

    Is anyone else wondering if we (myself include) are taking this e-mail to pork analogy too far? :)

  17. Rasher O'Bacon Says:

    I like bacon - it’s my favourite food - rasher or boiled or roast - I’m genetically disposed to need it - along with spuds and cabbage. Bacon is always my first choice, begorra.
    Also on the other side of the coin there is a HUGE percentage (perhaps a majority) of people on this planet who do not eat pig and can not possibly relate to this term.
    (Whereas nobody in their right minds can possibly like Spam(tm)! Right? No? Surely not! Do we need to change the name of that too?)

  18. justin Says:

    i really really really really hope you’re kidding.

    what you’re saying is that as web consumers and users, you WILLINGLY sign up for email notifications, then complain that you receive them. you want them, just not right now? what?

    you’re completely nuts. if this is that much of a problem and you can’t outsmart your email filter, create a secondary email account on one of the countless web-based platforms and dump all the BACN in there.

    then check it once a week. hurray, you get it exactly when you want it!

    but seriously… to actually make this a “problem” is unbelievably moronic. you’re opted in! deal with it.

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