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Bacn - an international issue

Bacn has recently become recognized as an international issue with references spanning in blogs and news feeds from Japan, France, Canada, United States and the rest of the world. Yes, Bacn may have a silly name, but it’s become a recognized issue that people are now finally taking actions to fix. One of the first educational sessions took place at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 this past weekend. We were lucky enough to have iJustine capture this first session on her live lifecast. Take a peek at this first session and please keep checking back on tips on how to manage Bacn.

4 Responses to “Bacn - an international issue”

  1. Alex Choi Says:

    While agree this is a problem … can’t we really curb this problem by giving the option of daily / weekly digests like we do for mailing lists?

  2. Matthew Thomas Says:

    Stemming from one of the comments in this video, I’d like to propose another term: “sosg”. (Pronounced like sausage, but keeping up the 4 letter word pattern…)

    This would refer to those email just above bacn but below truly personal, important, often reply-worthy emails. All those emails that was sent by someone you know, want to keep perhaps, will probably read but do not truly warrant a reply: jokes, pictures, links to “check out”, forwarded news stories or articles, etc.

    Of course, sosg isn’t really a problem, but rather a layer of communication that could possible be treated differently.

    Great word, huh? LOL

  3. Malcolm Lambe Says:

    Yes bacn is a serious problem. I’m just uploading a vid called “Bacn” on YouTube right now. But spam is a HUGE problem on YouTube at the moment. A lot of it is coming from Camgirlzgowild or whatever the hell they’re called. “CamSpam” I call it. I block probably a dozen of them every day - its YouTubers who are being paid by these assholes to spam our videos. à bientôt, “Wallyworld” at YouTube.

  4. maxpiz Says:

    Hi, I’m Max from Italy, i saw live in broadcast from Justine tv all the Pitsburg Podcast, and was great, and you guys catch the problem! Bacn ! i spend posts on some blogs talking about this problem, and my opinion is that Bacn is a real problem, growing under our nose, and nobady can’t see that.

    I want to give my little help to fight Bacn :) so i’m not an internet engineer, and meaby my solution is too basic too simple and impossible to do but…

    Is possible give a short time of life to those mail? However you have to download to your mail program, meaby you add a filter, when i recive message from twitter, myspace ecc the filter change the proprieties of those mail moving those to another folder or trash. Could be an idea? or not?

    Sorry for my english i better speack than write… :)

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