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Spread the awareness!

Bacn T-Shirts

With international support and hatred for the new term Bacn, we are now offering you the ability to express yourself. Sign up for the forum and post some of your designs and photos, we’d love to see how much you love or hate us : ) Create HERE.

11 Responses to “Spread the awareness!”

  1. Todd Van Hoosear Says:

    I think a second slogan could be

    “Too much could kill you.”

    Or, “Good in small quantities only.”

    Or, “Don’t clog your email.”

    Or, “Don’t clog your spam filters.”

  2. Justin Kownacki Says:

    Great idea. Glad to see bacn isn’t being used for evil…

    AND great way to encourage creativity while you’re at it. Open source design = pro-community, which makes sense since this bacn is a PodCamp Pittsburgh phenomenon…

  3. spoon Says:

    This is fan-friggin-tastic!

  4. Chuckie Says:

    A good slogan:

    Bacn. Cut the fat.

  5. Patrick John O'Mahony Says:

    Great Idea.

    Keep sizzling!


  6. Jesse Says:

    We’ve been nicely asked to remove any foundations names that we’d like to donate money to because of legal reasons. I can’t state that we are making any contributions to foundations but I plan on taking money from my personal bank account and applying it to an animal and human rights organization after all this hype has died down. Shirt sales have been minium, so everyone please keep buying.

  7. Andrew Flusche Says:


    Are you saying me that a non-profit group asked you to remove their name from your website? That defies reason. Why wouldn’t they want a little publicity?


  8. Choco Says:

    Good luck to you..seriously, especially with the charity work.

    I hope you do realise this is a screaming attack of the obvious and it is causing a general spamming of the blog-space. I thought something interesting was being discussed and lost 10 minutes of my life that I would quite like to get back.

    Q. Who would have thought something as plentiful as email would have a grey area between good and bad?
    A. Everyone.

    Q. who would call it Bacn?
    A. only you guys.

  9. Pat Says:

    Who came up with this term, how, and why? Is it an acronym or just another meaningless invented non-word?

  10. Donny Says:

    Did you see this:

    There’s a post about bacn.

  11. Playmobil Says:

    Seriously, this BACN thing is a big joke, isn’t it? That’s just a new way you guys invented to make some money, isn’t it? Come on, people have more serious things to care about. Moreover, BACN does not even sound like something bad to me…

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